Penetration testing

A penetration test is a cybersecurity assessment and testing technique conducted on computer systems, networks, applications, or physical security measures to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious hackers.

Identification of Vulnerabilities

Penetration tests assess an organization’s ability to protect its networks, applications and users from external or internal attempts to breach its security controls

Proactive Security

Penetration testing takes a proactive approach, uncovering weaknesses so organizations know what is needed and whether additional layers of protection should be implemented

Regulatory Compliance

Penetration testing helps organizations address common aspects of auditing and regulatory compliance and industry best practices

Operational Efficiency

By regularly reviewing your security infrastructure, you’ll know how to prepare to ensure your organization never comes under attack

Increase security, reduce risk, facilitate regulatory compliance and improve operational efficiency.

We use our penetration testing and threat intelligence tactics to show how an attacker would gain unauthorized access to your environment. Our “good hackers” enable your organization to increase security measures.

Types ot Penetration tests


External servers and network endpoints


Internal network infrastructure and services


Web Applications


Vulnerability Assessment

How often should you do Penetration testing?

Penetration tests should be performed every 6 or 12 months to ensure more consistent IT network security management. A penetration test will reveal how newly discovered threats or emerging vulnerabilities can potentially be exploited by hackers. In addition to regularly scheduled analyzes and assessments required by regulatory authorities, tests should also be conducted:


Adding new infrastructure
Making changes to security systems
Performing infrastructure or application upgrades
Changing end-user rules
Creating new offices

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