Sophos Firewall

Powerful protection and performance


All-in-one Network Protection

Sophos Firewall includes all the latest next-generation protection you need, plus features you can’t get anywhere else.

Next-Gen Firewall

Complete next-generation Firewall protection with high-performance IPS and ATP to stop the latest hacks and attacks

Synchronized Security

Sophos Firewall – your Sophos endpoints share health, applications and other telemetry with Sophos Firewall to improve visibility, protection and responsiveness.

Web Application Firewall

Harden your cloud servers against hacking attempts while providing secure user access with reverse proxy authentication.

Web и App Control

Get policy controls for web filtering and unmatched protection with user and group controls for next-generation applications


Cloud-based, powered by SophosLabs Threat Intelligence and Deep Learning, it blocks the latest file threats from day one before they enter your network.


Flexible SD-WAN and VPN options enable low-cost connectivity options that fit perfectly with your cloud and hybrid network.

The best Firewall solution 

Get a Firewall that adapts to your network so you don’t have to adapt your network to the firewall. Sophos Firewall offers the features and flexibility you need to protect your unique environment.

Extend your network

Sophos Firewall lets you extend your network from anywhere, easily and affordably, with a full portfolio of SD-WAN, cloud and VPN solutions for secure access

A single console

Sophos Central provides a single management console for all Sophos products and includes bulk Firewall management at no additional cost.

Cloud reporting

Sophos Central supports your logs in the cloud with flexible reporting tools that allow you to analyze and visualize your network

Risk users

Most at-risk users based on network activity and recent threat incidents.


Security policies are added to Firewall rules, allowing you to instantly see all security applied to a given source/destination, user/group, or traffic type.


Detailed options for SSL, NAT and SD-WAN routing allow Sophos Firewall to fit any network, rather than forcing the network to fit the firewall.

Threat identification

In-depth analysis of all files entering your network.

Built-in security policies

Use dozens of built-in security policies for IPS, Web, Traffic Shaping, or customize and create your own

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